To successfully hunt for scholarships, you must go to the right place to find scholarship information.
Website of schools planning to study
Almost every university has scholarships (financial scholarships) or financial aid on its official website. In the process of finding the right university or even if you have made a final choice, don’t forget to consult the school’s scholarship programs.

News on page of countries embassies
Governments often have many scholarship programs to enable Vietnamese students to have the opportunity to exchange culture through their education. These scholarship programs are quite diverse, including short-term scholarships lasting a few weeks or even a few years with a regular Master or Doctorate course.

News on page of Vietnam International Cooperation Department
The page of Vietnam International Cooperation Department not only updates cooperation scholarships between Vietnam and foreign countries but also programs funded by the Vietnamese state.

General scholarship information page
There are now a lot of general information scholarships to provide quick information for everyone. You can subscribe to newsletters from these sites to not miss any potential scholarship opportunities from different places. In addition to formal scholarship programs, these websites also feature short-term or full-time short-term courses, foreign internship opportunities and competitions with valuable prizes.

Your agency or your parents
Large corporations often have policies to sponsor school fees for employees to attract talents to the company. If you are working in a large company, don’t forget to ask people about the scholarship programs at the agency. Or if your parents are currently taking on important positions at big companies, you may be eligible for a scholarship program for employees’ children.

Consulting company
Overseas study consulting companies often have many partnerships with universities, so they also have a lot of information about the existing scholarship programs for each school for customers. If you use a study abroad consulting service, do not forget to mention the scholarship issue with the counselor for quick help.

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