The United Kingdom property attractive tourist places, from white sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains
You should not sit home and waste of the holiday, there are many interesting tourist attractions across the UK waiting for you to discover-and most of the points it’s easy and quite cheap.
The attractive tourist destination in the holiday

London is a vibrant, bustling city and is home to oodles of British icons such as the Tower of Big Ben, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Go away a little more, you can stroll along one of the most famous prehistoric world, Stonehenge, admire the architectural masterpieces of ancient Roman Britain times at the Fort, Hadrian’s Wall or Discover 2 village of Cambridge University and Oxford.

Whether you like the busy half life of cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, or the beauty of majestic highlands, Scotland has many attractive tourist destinations. If like playing golf, for sure you will like the golf at St Andrews. If the mountain landscape of hills and the fresh green is your hobby, then a trip to the top of Arthur’s Seat between Edinburgh’s heart is an activity that you can’t miss.

Perhaps you will not think to the beaches when the United Kingdom, but Wales possessed many beaches than you think. Besides the peaks and pristine Strait, Wales is also home to the Bay of Barafundle-voted one of the best beaches in the world

Northern Ireland

The giant’s Causeway, near attractions such as the heart of the capital, Belfast Northern Ireland’s colourful and fun city of Londonerry (local people often called Derry or “Legenderry”). Built by the Giants (according to legend and myth), this coastal road is made up of tens of thousands of basalt columns mounted with each other to do so, “the stones listed step” leading to the sea.

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