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hereHow to Get Fair Skin in Summer

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Summer is the season to get enough sunlight, wear summer dresses and appreciate tasty natural fruits. Be that as it may, the warmth of the sun and hot breezes will in general harm the skin. The brutal climate makes the skin unpleasant and dull, and makes the pores be obstructed with perspiration residue and gunk.

Fair & glowing skin is something which we wish to get in all seasons. When you feel that your skin starts to look dull and ugly in summers, worry not because you have your home remedies ready. This article will talk about how to get fair skin in summers.

Read some the tips for getting fair skin in summer:

Steam treatment
Steaming is a standout amongst the best choices to get back the gleaming skin. You need to do this at least once so that your pores open up which makes the skin look fair. Along these lines, steaming can make your skin gentler and clearer.

For your skin, you may use an alcohol free toner which helps eliminate the gunk accumulated in your pores. It likewise keeps up pH balance of the skin and takes out dead skin cells. If you don’t want to buy a toner, then just mix rose water and glycerine and apply it on your skin after washing your face.

Orange peels and powder
Strip off a few oranges and dry the skin under sunrays. Crush those strips to make powder with them. Take one spoon of powder and after that add it to yogurt. Make smooth paste with it and use it for your skin. Wash it with cold water for fairer looking skin instantly. Learn more about homemade beauty tips for face that actually works.

Drink green tea instead of coffee
Green tea is the best anti-oxidant that makes your skin looks rejuvenated & glowing. On the other hand, the high caffeine content in espresso, makes skin dull and saggy causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear quicker.

Drink flavoured Water
It is best to flush out the poisons and waste material from the body then to suffer. You should drink enough water for your skin to look glowing and fair. You can also try adding fruits like apples, oranges to your water so that it gives a nice flavour. Juices, coconut water, buttermilk, green tea lessens the warmth and keep the body cool.

Exercise daily to get fair skin naturally
Numerous individuals are as yet not mindful of the real advantages of exercising daily. Exercise will enhance your skin by making it healthy and glowing.

Exfoliation is one such process that you cannot skip on. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that accumulate on the outer layer of the skin. The dead cells can be scrubbed off with the help of a homemade scrub that can be made by making a paste of oats, milk and besan.

Tan Removal
Tan Removal is necessary as a layer of dead skin is accumulated on your skin making it look dull and ugly. You can use few home remedies for tan removal. Mix almond powder with lemon juice and apply it on affected area to get instant results.

herePopular Film Festivals In The United States

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In reality Academy Award is one of many film events in the United States. There are also other popular film festivals throughout the country. We will be able to get a glimpse of great movies that we should watch. Cinephiles often attend film festivals to get themselves updated on things that are happening in the film industry. Also, film festivals could provide many filmmakers an opportunity to reach potential viewers and they could also steadily build their reputations in the industry. In general, film festivals should help the industry to expand and renew itself by introducing many new ideas and concepts.

Sundance Film Festival: It’s the most popular festivals for indie films. It’s so large that many big players in mainstream film industry also attend the event. The festival was started in 1978 and intended as a big showcase for any independent filmmaker. In fact, many successful filmmakers first made their big break by having a premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, such as Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Darren Aronofsky and Paul Andersen. Each year, the festival attracts many visitors and moviegoers are interested to know what to watch. There are many popular indie films shown in the Sundance Film Festival, such as Reservoir Dogs, Saw, Clerks, Little Miss Sunshine, Moon and Precious. Today, the festival is already growing to a big proportion and despite its independence status, it’s popularity and glamour can be similar to a Hollywood extravaganza. Even so, the Sundance Film Festival is still aimed to help and cater to small filmmakers who lack resources and financial abilities. For film lovers, if they have but one film festival they they could ever attend, the Sundance Film Festival should be that one.

Tribeca Film Festival: It was first established in 2002, by Robert de Niro, Craig Hatkoff and Jane Rosenthal. The event was founded to honor the 9/11 terrorist attack. Although it’s a relatively new event, the Tribeca Film Festival has achieved a rapid rise in prestige. As a highly prominent film festival, the Tribeca is an excellent showcase of the great talents among many filmmakers. Many of the folm professionals also make a name for themselves during this event. There are many kinds of works that are included in the Tribeca Film Festival, including regular feature films, documentaries, short films and even some family films. There are a number of interesting works that we can find in the Tribeca Film Festivals, including Get Low, Freakonomics and Shrek Forever After. Many of these films have significant impacts in the industry.

Telluride Film Festival: It’s an earlier film festival that started in 1974 and it’s where many new films were showcased. It’s also the place where many indie films get their premiere. Premieres in the Telluride Film Festival include The Crying Game, Brokeback Mountain, E Mariachi, Roger and Me; and others. Like the other two film festivals, it’s also an opportunity for many filmmakers to gain recognition in the film industry. Telluride is also praised for its purity in ensuring that the event is dedicated solely to the art of filmmaking.


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It may seem as if visual and video content has been on the rise, well, I guess it’s safe to say, though it may seem like an almost new phenomenon, content marketing has been around for decades. But first, we must admit, that perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch. Nonetheless, we’ve all witnessed the progression of visual content marketing over the years. So yes it’s nothing new, although getting it right will takes some doing. I mean, go online and see just how easy it is to get it wrong. It’s as if a great comedy of horrors which is absolutely tragic for business. Luckily, we know why videos remain the best performing form of online digital content, you don’t have to follow the flop. Here’s how to avoid the fall…

First, Identify Your Social Media Goals
Don’t just start posting videos. Instead, turn it into a strategic affair; meaning you’d need to analyse your social media marketing objectives, and then define how video can help you achieve those intentions?

How Can It Help?

By heightening brand awareness and reaching a wider audience.
You could generate more traffic.
Generate conversions and sales from social media.
It will definitely boost your social media engagement.
Tips on video ideas: Use product videos, combined with a few brand videos, case studies, and mostly, value-driven content.

What are some of the best practices around for creating engaging social media videos? Come along, we know a few:

Optimise your videos material for different platforms
Remember, every network is unique and uses unique formats; not to mention, the users of each platform have different expectations from the actual content of the video. So, give considerable consideration to the platforms you use, and the reasons why.

You can also make use of Wave.video; it’s a free online video creator that has over 30 different formats and sizes, oh, it comes with free video clips and images that you can use in your videos.

Show, Don’t Tell
This is an influential and visual medium, it’s all above what we see verses what we hear, but that doesn’t automatically rule out music or voiceover; as a marketer and or business, this is your opportunity to show the world what your products or services can offer! So don’t leave it up to chance. Enough, with the long explanations! Show us how and why it works.

The Big Tip: GoPro is one of the masters at doing this; their social media videos always show their different products in action

Tell Your Own Stories
Throughout history, storytelling techniques have managed to keep people interested – and engaged till the end, because, video evoke emotions they help people learn. They stir up strong emotional viewer responses, and ultimately influences your audience to stay longer, engage and share.

Use Subtitles
In most cases people get the chance to catch up on their videos while they commute, or on a break, which then makes the use of subtitles a definite must! Think about it this way; we don’t all have the luxury of having our sound on. If your video isn’t easy to understand with its sound off, this will most likely lead to one outcome – many viewers will close it and move on.

So, create a video which uses both music and/or a voiceover, with added subtitles, and fortunately most video creation tools offer this option.

Capture Your Audience In the Couple of Seconds
Do it elevator pitch style; because viewers are bombarded with millions of brand advertising and communication per second. Make sure to articulate your point as clearly and as soon as possible. The driving force should be that your audience has a lot of other options.

Be Precise
Get straight to the point.

These tips will help you in your online video strategy, and it will also help you in crafting some of the best video content on social media, and we’re not just saying this; you can monitor the results.